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Newborn Photography: When should I book my Newborn Photographer? And How to Prepare for your Session

The best time to book your Newborn Photographer is while you are still pregnant! There are limited Newborn sessions available because we block out two weeks before and after your due date so that we are sure you have plenty of time in case your sweet little one(s) are born early or past the due date.

Pro Tip: Talk to your photographer about combining your maternity photography and newborn photography packages while booking them together for a special deal. Why shouldn't you get gorgeous stunning portraits of yourself? You are creating a new life, you deserve it! Here is a list of 50 great maternity poses to consider.

Themes, Poses, and Ideas

Once you have selected the photographer of your dreams, you'll want to begin discussing your ideas and thoughts with your photographer. This will cover what style of Newborn session you would like; from simple and clean, desired poses, to which types of props and themes you would like to incorporate. It can be simple as can be or as luxurious as you'd imagine. Talk to your photographer if you would like to be part of the session, include children or even pets.

Location of the Session

You will also want to discuss with your photographer where the session will be held. I feel that it is more comfortable for not only you but also your newborn baby when the session is held within the comfort of your own home. No need to pack everything up and go for a long drive when you can relax with a photographer that travels to you.

Keep Your Photographer Updated With Your Pregnancy

Inform your photographer when you are progressing and let them know when you go into labor. You may also want to talk to your photographer to see if they offer "fresh 48". Those adorable sweet moments when you and your baby are getting to know each other on the following day of delivery.

Selecting the Date and Time

When you have delivered your precious new loved one, talk to your photographer about which date and time are best for your session. I recommend anywhere from 3 days after delivery to no longer than 14 days. This gives you time to settle down at home and be a refresh for your newborn session.

Warm, Safe and Secure

Safety is always number one. Your photographer should never put your newborn in any type of danger. During your newborn sessions, I recommend to the parents to keep the room that will be used nice and warm. If it's during the summer, turn your AC off!! Your babe is wearing close to nothing and that doesn't keep them very warm. Your photographer should bring a space heater to be used. I recommend keeping your baby awake for 2-3 hours prior to the beginning of your session. Make sure to keep them undressed wearing just a diaper and wrapped lightly in a blanket. I also suggest feeding your newborn 20 - 30 minutes prior to your session, to get them in that lovely food comma and start the process of getting them dozing off.

Length of Session

Newborn sessions take anywhere from 1-3 hours. In my experience, they usually last 2.5 hours on average. Keep in mind, your photographer takes this time to make sure your baby is nice and sleepy, so that they are safe and comfortable during the posing of the session. Don't rush this process, just trust your photographer to do their best.